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Technical Surveillance Countermeasures & Why You Need to be Aware


What Even is Technical Surveillance?

The term technical surveillance may bring to mind CIA wiretaps on foreign spies or sophisticated listening devices used during the Cold War, but it is actually a very valid concern that has become more and more sophisticated from its Cold War days in the modern business world with today’s technology.

There is a very real threat of surveillance via technology today in both government and the private sector. We all know obviously about the mass metadata collection at the NSA, but what happens if that data ever falls into the wrong hands? How does this impact the private sector and you down to an individual level? Surveillance technology threats can range from:

·  A disgruntled employee looking to get a bargaining chip

·  A former spouse looking for a leg up in a divorce

·  Your competitors looking for a marketplace advantage

·  Just a common criminal looking to get access to your files and information.

Each of these actors could attempt to use technological devices or tactics to steal and gather confidential business or personal information from you for their own benefit. Information could be gathered via:

·  a listening device such as an old cellphone or bugged device

·  Video recording device which can be made out of anything in today’s world (i.e. Smoke Detector cameras, power plug cameras, lamp cameras, plants, etc.)

·  keystroke logger software

·  phone tap

·  spyware/malware

·  or other unobtrusive way of obtaining your information without your knowledge.

The truth is, with our ever evolving technological society, anything with a sim card can be modified and turned into a threat against you.

So What Can You Do?

The array of tools and techniques necessary to conduct thorough technical surveillance countermeasures are comprehensive to say the least. Experts like Empire Investigations LLC have spent millions over the span of 3 decades being properly trained and assembling the right equipment to cover every threat spectrum possible. Just a few of the equipment experts use range from:

·  Lens detectors are used to identify hidden cameras by detecting light reflecting from their lenses.

·  General electrical analysis tools  used to identify unusual power usage that might indicate a hidden device.

·  Thermal imaging systems used to detect even minute amount of heat that battery-powered electronic devices emit.

·  Even portable x-ray machines can be used to accurately and quickly checking the contents of objects or examining the walls.

·  And even more complex, sensitive equipment that require extensive training and authorization to use to make sure you are protected.

In addition to the physical equipment, in the age of cyperware, information security techniques play a large part in these countermeasures, ensuring that computer systems are as secure as the rooms they are housed in. The need for a complete and total examination of the room, floor or building for these devices and the technical complexity of the tools required to do so similarly requires highly trained and skilled technicians to operate the tools and complete the examinations. Whether this is electrical knowledge, information technology skills or even familiarity with physical construction methods and standards, the requirements are broad and deep and you need to know the right experts to hire.

Why would I need this?

There are multiple reasons why a person might need technical surveillance countermeasures. Commonly, this is because they work in a role where high security is necessary to keep trade secrets, business processes or other internal information secret or at least not available to external parties. However, as this technology becomes more sophisticated and easily accessible, the need has for TSCM sweeps has shifted to also include individuals and their residences. Typically individuals going through an ugly divorce, high net worth individuals with a lot to lose or just an average joe who’s being stalked by a criminal with too much spare time; experts like Empire Investigations LLC TSCM team have made their specialized services available to the public to help you get the proof you need.

For more information on what a professional, experienced private investigator can do for you; call and set up a confidential consultation today by visiting us online at or call toll free, 800-860-6068.