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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in Warrendale, Pennsylvania

Thanks for visiting our Warrendale, Pennsylvania TSCM information page. We have been providing investigative services to business decision makers in this area since 1982, and we have developed many long-term relationships over the years. In addition to the work that we do in Warrendale, we serve other Allegheny County communities, including Bridgeville and Coraopolis. Our private detectives can also be engaged to venture outside of the county to implement technical surveillance counter measures in Indiana, Pennsylvania and Murrysville in Westmoreland County.

Most people endeavor to make an honest living, but there are some nefarious types out there that have no problem taking things that belong to others. This extends into the realm of intellectual property and trade secrets, and there is some highly advanced eavesdropping technology on the marketplace. We have been able to exceed the expectations of our clients for decades because we go the extra mile to stay a step ahead of the entities that want to harm them.

Our agency has invested a great deal to develop a close affiliation with Ross Engineering, Inc., a company that continually defines the cutting edge when it comes to technical surveillance counter measures. The Warrendale and Bridgeville, PA TSCM professionals that comprise our team undergo an extensive training program that is provided by this company. At the same time, surveillance technology is always evolving, so the training that they receive from Ross Engineering is ongoing.

We always go the extra mile to make sure we have everything it takes to deliver results 100 percent of the time. This is why we have been able to maintain our status as the premier resource for technical surveillance counter measures in Coraopolis and Indiana, Pennsylvania for more than three decades and counting.

Comprehensive Corporate Investigative Services

In addition to the technical surveillance counter measures that we can deploy for businesses of all shapes and sizes, we offer a number of other services to our corporate clients. If you are looking for a resource that can provide you with pre-employment background checks, look no further then Empire Investigation. We conduct fraud, embezzlement, and employee theft investigations as well, and you can rely on our agency if you ever need a corporate asset search resource.

Give Us a Call Right Now!

Now is the time to take action if you are concerned about bugs, wiretaps, and hidden cameras that may be compromising your security. You can reach one of our knowledgeable Warrendale, Pennsylvania TSCM specialists right now if you call us toll free at 800-860-6068.