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Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in South Park, PA

Empire Investigation is the leading resource for technical surveillance counter measures in South Park, Export, Glenshaw, Imperial, and Sarver, Pennsylvania. We have been setting the standard for excellence in this area since the beginning of the 1980s, and we greatly value the many relationships that we have established with local businesses over the years.

Sadly, the corporate environment has a dark side to it, and there are unscrupulous entities out there that try to obtain confidential information through illegal means. They utilize bugs, wiretaps, video surveillance, and other eavesdropping methods to steal trade secrets and intellectual property. And in some cases, these devices are surreptitiously placed in an effort to obtain compromising information that can be used to blackmail executives.

We are well equipped to deploy technical surveillance counter measures to keep these corporate criminals at bay. Many of our team members are passionate, dedicated professionals that come from very disciplined military and police backgrounds. Other staffers are highly educated technology experts. Our people are the best in the business, and they deliver results 100 percent of the time.

Empire Investigation has devoted considerable resources to the development of an affiliation with Ross Engineering Corporation, a high-tech firm that is the gold standard when it comes to technical surveillance counter measures. They provide our TSCM personnel with extensive initial training, and there are ongoing classes and workshops that add to their knowledge. Without question, if you are looking for technical surveillance counter measures in South Park, Glenshaw, Imperial, Sarver, or Export, PA you will not be disappointed if you engage our company to reestablish a secure working environment.

In addition to the TSCM work that we do for companies of all shapes and sizes, we provide additional investigative services. If you are concerned about suspicious losses, we can be enlisted to conduct a corporate investigation to uncover sources of employee theft or embezzlement. We conduct pre-employment background checks for employers, and we are also a reliable resource for corporate asset investigations.

We Can Restore a Secure Workplace!

There is no reason to take any chances with the security of your business communications. Now is the time for action if you would like to discuss technical surveillance counter measures with one of our South Park, Pennsylvania TSCM consultants. You can get in touch with us toll-free at 800-860-6068, and there is also a contact form that you can fill out right here on our website.