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Private Detective for Asset Searches, Background Investigation, Cell Phone & Computer Forensics, Wiretap Detection and more in Sarver, PA

The Trusted Sarver, PA Private Investigator

Our agency will always be ready to react if you ever need a private detective in Sarver, Pennsylvania. We have deep roots in this area, and we have been assisting clients who are dealing with difficult issues for more than 25 years. This community has been growing by leaps and bounds, and it is locally recognized as a very desirable place to live. We sincerely care about our neighbors in Sarver, and our office can be easily reached from the Butler County side and the Buffalo County side, so investigative help will be nearby at all times.

Sarver, PA Background Investigations

If you are an employer, background investigations are going to be a must when you bring new people onto your staff. This is an area that we specialize in, and we utilize state-of-the-art platforms to conduct in-depth searches that cover every nook and cranny of a candidate’s background. Arrests and convictions are certainly part of the equation, but we go the extra mile to dig into financial records to provide you with information about the trustworthiness of the individual in question. These searches are clearly a must for business people, but we also conduct background investigations for clients who want to be certain about the history of certain individuals.

Corporate Investigations in Sarver, Pennsylvania

We are the go-to resource for corporate investigations in this area, and we have advanced capabilities. Computer forensics and cell phone forensics can be quite useful, and we have world-class analytic abilities. Plus, we have an in-depth knowledge of wiretap detection technology and the high-tech bug detectors that are being utilized these days. Asset searches can also be required by corporations for one reason or another, and we have you covered if you are ever looking for a fully qualified Sarver, PA asset investigator.

Infidelity Investigations

It’s a difficult pill to swallow, but you need answers if you think that your spouse has been cheating on you. We can provide them, and we are also a viable resource that you can engage if you need a private investigator to conduct child custody investigations.

Sarver, Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Investigations

If you are a defendant or an attorney who would like to connect with a private detective who can perform intensive criminal defense investigations, look no further than Empire Investigations.

Give Us a Call Right Now!

Any time you want to discuss a pressing situation with a Sarver, PA private investigator, we can be reached by phone at 800-860-6068.