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Pittsburgh, PA Experts on Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Empire Investigation is the premier resource for technical surveillance counter measures in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and in fact, our agency has received national recognition. We feel a close connection to the business community in this Allegheny County hub of commerce, and we have been engaged by many large corporations in the area. At the same time, we have also provided technical surveillance counter measure assistance for smaller business owners and decision makers. If you are in Broughton, Bruceton, White Hall, Bryn Mawr, Upper Saint Clair, or any other section of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our TCSM professionals can be on the scene in a flash, and we are willing to travel when it is necessary.

Protect Your Confidential Information

Individuals or entities that want to steal your intellectual property or otherwise compromise your communications have access to some very sophisticated technology. It takes a great deal of experience and knowledge to understand how to detect bugs, hidden cameras, and wiretaps, and the field is always evolving.

Empire Investigation is led by its Chief Executive Officer Robert Kresson, who is the most highly regarded technical surveillance countermeasure expert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but he is actually well known around the world. He provides a steady hand at the helm, and he also has an eye for talent.

The private detectives that can comprise the team at Empire Investigation all have very impressive backgrounds. Some of them were in the military, others worked in law enforcement, and there are computer technology and forensic behavioral science specialists on board. They are all very experienced, but they undergo ongoing training  to stay on the cutting edge at all times.

These results oriented professionals are fully equipped with the latest technical surveillance countermeasure technology, and they deliver results 100 percent of the time. Plus, you can enter into one of our ongoing service plans so that you can always be absolutely certain that your facility is secure.

In addition to the technical surveillance counter measures Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania companies can obtain from us, we offer a comprehensive slate of corporate security and investigative solutions. These would include computer security and computer forensics, in-depth background checks, and asset investigations that can be useful during mergers and acquisitions.

Contact Empire Investigation!

If you would like to speak with one of our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania technical surveillance counter measure specialists, we can be reached by phone right toll-free now at 800-860-6068.