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PI Providing Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania

We will be here to help anytime you need a private detective who can institute technical surveillance counter measures in Mount Pleasant, PA. In addition to the work that we do in this Westmoreland County borough, we also serve clients in McMurray, Oakdale, Delmont, and Eighty Four, Pennsylvania.

Empire Investigation sits apart from the pack because we have been setting the standard for technical surveillance counter measures in western Pennsylvania since 1982. Our founder and CEO is Robert Kresson, who is recognized around the country as one of the foremost counterespionage experts that we have. In fact, he is often asked to give interviews as an expert on the subject.

The leadership of the company is certainly an enormous strength, but Mr. Kresson has assembled a team of private investigators that bring many different talents to the table. In addition to the former military and law enforcement officers, we also have people who come from science and technology backgrounds on our team. We have all of our bases covered, and our Delmont, Eighty Four, and Oakdale TSCM clients reap the benefits.

The technical surveillance counter measures Mount Pleasant and Oakdale corporations engage us to deploy are truly state of the art. We have been able to establish a relationship with Ross Engineering, a company that sets the standard for technical surveillance counter measures. All of our TSCM personnel go through the demanding Ross training program, and there are additional classes and workshops to attend on an ongoing basis. This investment that we have made in cutting edge technology keeps us one step ahead of the bad guys who are trying to steal your intellectual property.

We are the undisputed go-to resource for technical surveillance counter measures in western Pennsylvania, but offer other protective and investigative services as well. You can rely on us to satisfy all of your pre-employment background check needs, and we conduct corporate asset investigations that companies need during merger, acquisition, and partnership negotiations. Empire Investigation is also well equipped to uncover instances of employee theft, embezzlement, fraud, and employee misconduct.

Our Doors Are Open!

If you would like to learn more about the technical surveillance counter measures that we offer in Mount Pleasant, Oakdale, Delmont, McMurray, and Eighty Four, PA give us a call right now at 800-860-6068.