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Private Detective for Asset Searches, Background Investigation, Cell Phone & Computer Forensics, Wiretap Detection and more in Oakdale, PA

Licensed Private Investigator Serving Oakdale, PA

Our lines will be open if you ever need to speak with an Oakdale, Pennsylvania private detective that you can rely on to deliver results in a timely manner. We have developed many relationships in this area over the decades that we have been in business, and we consider ourselves to be locals assisting other locals. If your home or business is in Fayetteville, Borough Center, Beechcliff, or any other part of Allegheny County, our office is just a short drive away.

Oakdale, Pennsylvania Background Investigations

There was a time when you basically had to rely on references when you looked into the background of a prospective employee, but technology has changed the playing field. In-depth background investigations can now be conducted by qualified private detectives, and this is an area that we specialize in. We can look into any type of arrest and/or conviction history that may exist, but our digging does not stop there. The way that an individual handles his or her finances can tell you a lot about the person’s character. Our background investigations can extend into the financial realm, so your candidate will be thoroughly vetted if you engage us to conduct a pre-employment background check.

Oakdale, PA Corporate Investigations and Criminal Defense Investigations

Corporate investigations are another area of specialization for our private detective agency, and we have advanced capabilities when it comes to computer forensics, cell phone forensics, and wiretap detection. We can also strategically place a bug detector that will identify any attempts that may be made to record confidential conversations. In addition to this type of counter-surveillance, corporate investigations can be useful during merger and acquisition proceedings. We can conduct asset searches, and an Oakdale, Pennsylvania asset investigator can shed some important light on the financial profile of a company.

We do legal work as well. Our agency has worked with many different attorneys and law firms who need a private investigator to conduct criminal defense investigations.

Infidelity Investigations

Family law matters are also within our wheelhouse. We perform infidelity investigations for clients have suspicions, and can also be engaged to conduct child custody investigations.

Contact the Premier Oakdale, PA Private Investigator!

The investigative work that we do for our clients is second to none, but we also place an emphasis on empathetic, discrete client communication from the first point of contact onward. If you are ready to make the Empire connection, we can be reached toll-free at 800-860-6068.