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Private Detective for Asset Searches, Background Investigation, Cell Phone & Computer Forensics, Wiretap Detection and more in Irwin, PA

The Irwin, PA Private Investigator That Delivers Results

If you need a private detective in Irwin, Pennsylvania, you are in a fortunate position, because Empire Investigations is a local agency that has a world-class track record. Our founder, Robert Kresson, has been building on his national reputation as one of the leading private investigators in the country for over a quarter of a century and counting, so this is an extraordinary resource to have at your disposal. This Westmoreland County town is well known for its coal deposits, and it has a rich history that is a source of pride for residents. We are easy to reach from Sunset Valley, Stewartville, Oakville, Borough Center, or any other part of town, and we will always be standing by to help whenever you require the services of an Irwin, PA private investigator.

Corporate Investigations & Criminal Defense Investigations

We offer a wide range of investigative services, and corporate investigations are an area of specialization for our agency. Unfortunately, efforts can be made to gain access to sensitive information, and we can be called upon to supply the appropriate protection. If you think that someone that you are meeting with may be wired, we can deploy a bug detector, and we also provide wiretap detection for Irwin, Pennsylvania clients. Computer forensics and cell phone forensics can sometimes be required to recover important information, and our expertise extends into this area as well. Every company is going to need a resource that can provide effective, thorough background investigations, and we are premier resource for background checks that cover every nook and cranny.

Our company does a lot of work with law firms, so we can be relied upon for criminal defense investigations. We can also be engaged if you are looking for an asset investigator, and we have state-of-the-art tools that we utilize to conduct extensive asset searches.

Irwin, PA Infidelity Investigations

In addition to the corporate investigations and the legal oriented services that we provide, we also conduct family law investigations, including infidelity investigations. When an infidelity investigation yields disturbing evidence, divorce proceedings will often follow. Child custody investigations can be beneficial if there are disputes, and we can be engaged if you want to conduct a probe so that you can be armed with relevant information.

Contact Empire Investigations!

If you would like to speak with an Irwin, Pennsylvania private detective, contact Empire Investigations at 800-860-6068.