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Private Detective for Asset Searches, Background Investigation, Cell Phone & Computer Forensics, Wiretap Detection and more in Glenshaw, PA

Award Winning Glenshaw, PA Private Investigator

A good Glenshaw, Pennsylvania private detective agency can obtain proof for you when suspicious circumstances exist, and we are the best of the best. Our agency has been exceeding the expectations of individuals and companies in this area since 1982, so we bring a deep level of local experience to the table. If you are in the Bradley Drive/Governor Drive area, Sharpe Hill, Undercliff, or anywhere else in town, we can be easily reached whenever you need the services of a Glenshaw, PA private investigator.

Bug Detector & Wiretap Detection

We are well known for our counterespionage capabilities, so you can connect with us if you need a bug detector and/or a wiretap detection strategy. Though we have been protecting clients for over 30 years, we have never been stuck in neutral. Technology advances in this business, and we have always used state-of-the-art tools and techniques. In addition to our technical surveillance countermeasures, we perform all different types of Glenshaw, PA corporate investigations, including asset investigations. An asset search can be useful during a merger or acquisition, and these searches can be invaluable during certain types of criminal investigations. Our agency is also capable of analyzing computer forensics and cell phone forensics if you ever need information that is tucked away in an electronic device.

Glenshaw, Pennsylvania Infidelity Investigations

Corporate investigations are a large part of our business, but we are available to conduct family law investigation as well, including infidelity investigations. We deliver results when we conduct infidelity investigations, so one way or another, you will know the truth when our work is done. You can rely on us to conduct child custody investigations if this is an issue, and our asset searches can be useful when child support and alimony determinations are being made.

Criminal Defense Investigations in Glenshaw, PA

Law firms are often going to require the services of a private detective agency, and this is an area that we excel in. Any time you need a private investigator to conduct criminal defense investigations for you, our doors will be wide open.

Contact Empire Investigations!

The work that we do requires a great deal of discretion and confidentiality, and we understand the fact that we discuss sensitive matters with the people who come to us for assistance. You can rest assured that you will feel perfectly comfortable every step of the way if you decide to work with Empire Investigations. If you would like to discuss any of the services that we provide with a Glenshaw, Pennsylvania private investigator that you can genuinely trust, give us a call at 800-860-6068.