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Private Detective for Asset Searches, Background Investigation, Cell Phone & Computer Forensics, Wiretap Detection and more in Export, PA

Licensed and Experienced Export, PA Private Investigator

We are the private detectives Export, Pennsylvania residents and businesspeople have been relying on for years, and we greatly value the many relationships that we have made in this very special Westmoreland County borough. Our office can be conveniently reached from all parts of town, and we will always be standing at the ready to assist you any time you need a private investigator in Export, PA.

High-Tech Corporate Investigations

Our agency is nationally recognized as a premier resource for corporate investigations, so locals in this community have access to a very powerful partner. The business that we are in has evolved significantly over the years as technology has advanced, and we have always looked over the horizon so that we can stay on the cutting edge. We can now analyze computer forensics and cell phone forensics, and we have a vast store of experience with bug detector deployment and wiretap detection technology.

Export, Pennsylvania Background Investigations

You really cannot take anyone’s word for anything when it comes to bringing people on to your staff. Background investigations are essential, and we can be relied on to provide thorough background checks. Obviously, you want to find out about any criminal history that may exist, but we take things a step further. Our background investigations also include the financial element, and we can pull credit reports, obtain credit scores, and let you know if there are any garnishments, foreclosures, or other encumbrances. These checks are clearly very useful for businesses, but private individuals can tap into our expertise to find out about the background of people who are close to them. We are also a ready resource if you need an asset investigator to conduct asset searches for any reason.

Infidelity Investigations and Criminal Defense Investigations in Export, PA

We can conduct an infidelity investigation to help you find out the truth if you think that your spouse or your significant other may be involved in a tryst outside of the relationship. Our private detective agency can conduct child custody investigations as well, so we may be able to provide meaningful information that can help you get a positive determination. The investigative expertise that we bring to the table can be quite useful for law firms as we ll. If you need a private investigator to conduct criminal defense investigations, we will always be ready to spring into action.

We Are Here to Help!

If you are ready to connect with an Export, Pennsylvania private detective that will get the job done, we can be reached toll-free at 800-860-6068.