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Erie, PA Technical Surveillance Counter Measure Specialists

If you are looking for a technical surveillance counter measure resource in Erie or New Castle, Pennsylvania you are in the right place. Our company, Empire Investigation, has been exceeding the expectations of our clients in this area since 1982, and we have never been stronger.

We have the ability to satisfy all of your TSCM needs if you are a decision maker for a large corporation, and you will probably find our client list to be quite impressive. At the same time, we also help small and medium size business owners in Erie and other communities like Canonsburg PA, Youngstown, Ohio, and Morgantown, West Virginia. Technical surveillance counter measures are becoming more and more important, because the problem of intellectual property theft is growing. In addition to the acquisition of intellectual property and trade secrets, corporate espionage can also be used to obtain sensitive information that can be used for blackmail purposes. If you have suspicions, we can put our expertise to work for you.

Any company is only as good as the people that are behind it, and are very proud of the Erie-New Castle-Morgantown TSCM team that we have been able to assemble. Many of our people are former military service members or law enforcement officers, and we also have individuals on our staff that come from technical backgrounds. The extensive experience that they bring to the table gives them an enormous advantage. However, they also undergo continuous training so that they can stay up to date as technological advances change the playing field within the technical surveillance counter measure community.

In addition to the counter espionage work that we do, we offer a wide range of additional security services for our corporate clients, including background checks. Every company must conduct background checks before they extend offers to new hires, and we have the ability to conduct in-depth probes that will uncover any arrests or convictions. Plus, our background checks can also delve to into the financial side of things to search for liens, foreclosures, garnishments and other red flags that can influence your hiring decisions.

Speak With a Canonsburg, PA TSCM Consultant!

We are standing by right now if you would like to learn more about our services. You can speak with one of our knowledgeable Erie, Pennsylvania technical surveillance counter measure experts right now if you call us toll free at 800-860-6068.