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Empire Investigation: Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in Wexford, PA

Our company is the go-to resource for technical surveillance counter measures in Wexford, Pennsylvania and other communities in the western part of Keystone State, including Cranberry and Sewickley. It takes a great deal of expertise to handle these assignments, and there is no substitute for experience. Empire Investigation was established all the way back in 1982, so we have seen it all, but you cannot stand still in this business. Technology has continually changed the playing field, and we have always looked over the horizon to remain on the cutting edge.

Some people will go to extreme lengths to gain a competitive business advantage, and they will engage resources that can plant bugs, wiretaps, hidden cameras and the like in an effort to steal proprietary information. In some cases, they will also try to obtain compromising information that can be used against individual executives in Bethel Park, Irwin, and Wexford, PA. The good news is that the right technical surveillance counter measures can render their efforts useless.

We are in a results oriented business, and we have been able to continually grow over the last 35 years or so because of our extraordinary client satisfaction rate. Our founder and Chief Executive Officer Robert Kresson is widely regarded as one of the foremost experts in technical surveillance counter measures in Cranberry and Sewickley, Pennsylvania, but he is also highly respected outside of the state. He is always available to provide guidance, but Mr. Kresson has a staff that is comprised of true all-stars within the TSCM field.

The abilities of our team members are extraordinary, and they undergo ongoing training to keep a step ahead of intellectual property thieves. They are committed professionals in every sense of the word, and they are equipped with state of the art counter espionage equipment, so nothing gets past them.

In addition to the technical surveillance counter measures in Bethel Park and Wexford, Pennsylvania, we also offer a wide range of other investigative services, including asset investigations, background checks, and computer and cell phone forensic services.

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There is no reason to take chances when it comes to the security of your communications. If you are ready to take action, you can speak with one of our Irwin, Pennsylvania TSCM consultants right now if you call us toll free at 800-860-6068.