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Private Detective for Asset Searches, Background Investigation, Cell Phone & Computer Forensics, Wiretap Detection and more in Eight Four, PA

The Eighty Four, PA Private Investigator That Delivers Results

Empire Investigations is the go-to resource for anyone who is looking for a private detective in Eighty Four, Pennsylvania. We are the best at what we do because of our extensive experience and our unwavering commitment to perfection. This Washington County community is nestled within physically beautiful surroundings, and the true origin of its unusual name is a mystery. Though it is a small, tightly knit community, it is the home of the 84 Lumber company, so there is a very significant corporate presence. Our agency is proud to serve residents of this unique place, and we are just a phone call away any time you need a private investigator in Eighty Four, PA.

Pre-Employment Background Investigations

We offer a comprehensive slate of investigative services, including pre-employment background investigations. When you think about background checks, you probably focus on criminal history, and we certainly trawl those waters. However, there are individuals who have never committed any crimes who may have a history of poor financial decision-making. As a response, our Eighty Four, Pennsylvania background investigations include credit checks, so we can let you know if there have been any foreclosures, liens, or garnishments that may influence your decision. Background investigations are important for employers, but individual citizens can also engage us to look into the background of others.

Eight Four, PA Corporate Investigations and Criminal Defense Investigations

Any time you are looking for a private investigator that can handle high level corporate investigations, our doors will be open to you. We have expertise with bug detector placement, wiretap detection, cell phone forensics, computer forensics, and asset searches. In addition to our corporate investigations, we also conduct criminal defense investigations for local law firms and individual defendants.

Infidelity Investigations

It’s a sad state of affairs when you suspect that your spouse or significant other may be going astray, but you need to find out the truth if you have serious suspicions. Our Eight Four, Pennsylvania infidelity investigations get to the bottom of these situations, and we also conduct child custody investigations when divorce proceedings are underway. Alimony and child support can be at issue when a marriage is coming to an end, so we can be engaged if you would like an asset investigator to conduct asset searches so you can find out if your soon-to-be ex-spouse is being completely truthful about his or her financial holdings.

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If you would like to connect with a truly effective Eight Four, PA private investigator, call Empire Investigations at 800-860-6068.