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Private Detective for Asset Searches, Background Investigation, Cell Phone & Computer Forensics, Wiretap Detection and more in Cranberry, PA

Award Winning Cranberry, PA Private Investigator

Empire Investigations is the award winning private detective agency Cranberry, Pennsylvania business people and private citizens can rely on for stellar investigative services. We have been building on our reputation in this area for more than three decades, and we have always remained on the cutting edge as technology has advanced. We can be very conveniently reached if you are in Fox Run, Fernway, Town Center, Glen Eden, or any other portion of the township. Simply put, whenever you need a private investigator in Cranberry, PA, we will always be ready, willing, and able to spring into action on your behalf.

Family Law Investigations

Information that can be difficult to obtain is often essential when sensitive family law matters are unfolding. We can be engaged to conduct infidelity investigations, and we understand the fact that discretion and confidentiality are called for when you work in this realm. In addition to the Cranberry, Pennsylvania infidelity investigations we conduct for our clients, we also have a great deal of experience with child custody investigations. Plus, alimony or spousal support and child support matters can also enter the picture during a divorce proceeding. To make sure that your spouse is providing accurate information to the court, an asset investigator can be quite useful, and we have state-of-the-art tools that we utilize to conduct in-depth asset searches.

Cranberry, PA Corporate Investigations & Criminal Defense Investigations

Corporate investigations require a particular brand of expertise, and this is an area that we excel in. Our founder, Robert Kresson, is recognized within the industry as one of the leading counter-espionage experts in the entire country. If you need a bug detector, we have you covered, and we possess advanced knowledge of wiretap detection techniques, cell phone forensics, and computer forensics. We also have the ability to conduct detailed background investigations that include financial elements like potential bankruptcies, liens and foreclosures. Legal investigations are in our wheelhouse as well. Our agency is frequently engaged by law firms who require the services of a Cranberry, Pennsylvania private investigator who can conduct criminal defense investigations.

Call Empire Investigations Right Now!

We are standing by right now to answer your questions if you would like to discuss a situation with a savvy Cranberry, PA private detective. You can reach us by phone toll-free at 800-860-6068, and if you would prefer to get in touch electronically, you can simply send us a message through our contact page.