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Private Detective for Asset Searches, Background Investigation, Cell Phone & Computer Forensics, Wiretap Detection and more in Canonsburg, PA

Canonsburg, PA Private Investigator

You are certainly in the right place if you are looking for a Canonsburg, Pennsylvania private detective that will deliver results. We have been exceeding the expectations of clients in this area since 1982, and we feel a very deep connection to residents of this unique Washington County borough. The legendary singers Bobby Vinton and Perry Como hailed from the town, and it has earned the nickname “America’s Small Town Music Capital.” We serve clients in Muse, McMurray, Thompsonville, Borough Center, and all other parts of town. Whenever you need an experienced, savvy Canonsburg, Pennsylvania private detective, we will be just a phone call away.

Infidelity Investigations in Canonsburg, PA

If you suspect that your spouse or significant other is having an affair behind your back, you deserve the truth, and we can get it for you. We are also a reliable resource for Canonsburg, Pennsylvania child custody investigations. When it comes to domestic matters, child support and potential spousal support can enter the picture. People are not always forthcoming when it comes to the extent of their assets, so an asset investigator may be necessary. We provide asset searches, and this can be part of our corporate investigations, and law firms that are litigating cases that include damages can benefit from asset searches. Our private detective agency also has a great deal of expertise with computer forensics and cell phone forensics. The experts on our team can recover information that can be very useful when certain legal actions have been initiated.

Canonsburg, Pennsylvania Wiretap Detection

During our current technologically advanced era, video and audio surveillance devices are quite sophisticated, and they are smaller and easier to obtain than they were in years gone by. If you think that someone may have a reason to listen in on your conversations or record your activities, we can apply our wiretap detection expertise and utilize a state-of-the-art bug detector to obtain a determination for you.

Background Investigations

In addition to the services above, we are also the go-to resource for background investigations in Canonsburg, PA. We do background checks for businesses, but background investigations can also be useful for private citizens under some circumstances. 

Contact Empire Investigations!

We understand the fact that confidentiality is important to our clients, and we take this to heart. If you would like to discuss a sensitive matter with a Canonsburg, PA private investigator, give us a call at 800-860-6068.