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Private Detective for Asset Searches, Background Investigation, Cell Phone & Computer Forensics and more in Erie, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Youngstown and New Castle, PA

Welcome to Empire Investigation LLC Established in 1982, Empire Investigation provides a comprehensive array of investigative services. Our award winning commitment to excellence and our expert investigative team has cultivated an international reputation based on experience and success.

Asset Searches

Asset Searches and Asset Investigator in Erie, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Youngstown and New Castle, PA READ MORE

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics, Private Investigator in Erie, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Youngstown and New Castle, READ MORE

Cell Phone Forensics

Cellular Smartphone and Mobile Computing Device forensics analysis can provide valuable legal eviden READ MORE

International Services

Having global reach is more important than ever. Empire Investigation has affiliates all over the wo READ MORE

Hidden Video Cameras

The bunique hallmark of Empire Investigation is its ability to turn everyday objects into discrete, READ MORE

Domestic Concerns

When family and marriages are at stake these issues need to be handled with the up most discretion. READ MORE

Litigation Support

We offer comprehensive services and equipment to meet your needs. Empire works closely with major READ MORE

Corporate investigations

In the high stakes world of business any and all suspect business transactions need to be investigat READ MORE

Criminal Defense

About 10,000 people in the United States may be wrongfully convicted of serious crimes each year. Wh READ MORE

Electronic Countermeasures

Example TSCM scenario Prevent your confidential information from being leaked to the wrong sources. READ MORE

Residue Drug Testing

Have you noticed unexplainable changes in a family member or colleague? Get your questions answered READ MORE

Handwriting Analysis

A person’s handwriting is as unique as their fingerprint. Such a unique quality of a person cannot READ MORE

Child Custody

In Child Custody Case Investigations there’s nothing more precious than that the child. Rest assur READ MORE

Due Diligence

Empire provides its clients with the peace of mind knowing that their private business issues are ve READ MORE

Fingerprinting Lifting

Fingerprints can bring undisputed leverage to a seemingly unsolvable case. Police department foren READ MORE

Our Global reach is sought after by the most prestigious companies and private individuals!


“Kresson can convert virtually anything into a one-man spy-kit." - "High tech gadgets hide those spying eyes"

Christian Toto, Pittsburgh Sunday Tribune-Review